3D Printing

Frequently Asked Questions

3D printing is FREE at your library!

Printing times vary depending on the size and complexity of the object. Smaller objects take 20 minutes, whereas larger objects may take several hours.

Currently our colors are limited to red, white, and blue. When you submit your design to our database, you will have the opportunity to select your color. Please note that some colors may not be available and substitutions may need to be made.

Online Resources


Online learning platform that helps anyone learn business, software, technology, and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals.


Browser based program where you can design your own 3D models.


Download 3D models that others have designed and shared for public use.


Online resource featuring tutorials for a variety of projects.
Search for "Tinkercad" or "3D modeling" to find tutorials that guide you through the 3D modeling process