A Night at the Library

creatures ball with man and woman dancing

A Night at the Library: Creatures Ball

I ’ve taken you by the hand...
For you must come to my dance.

~ Totentanz textbook (Anon.: Vierzeiliger oberdeutscher Totentanz, Heidelberger Blockbuch, c. 1455/58)

Danse Macabre fans from the world - and underworld - over have gathered for the World Finals of the Danse Macabre Competition – where the winner takes possession of The Centennium Cup. The Centennium Cup is a coveted prize: those in possession of The Cup are under its supernatural protection – no curses, no hunters, no visits from the Grim Reaper – for one hundred years. In addition, when the holder of The Cup drinks from it, they are revitalized and do not age.

It is a prize worth dancing – and killing – for.

Competitors have passed through many stages to get to this point, and there are clear favorites among the competitors. Most odds have a vampire winning the competition, which has caused a lot of grumbling among the other competitors. Vampires already don’t age (much), and it’s unlikely (not unheard of) for a vampire hunter to actually kill a vampire.

Guests are invited to dress in ghoulish formalwear to enjoy an elegant evening of delicious food and monstrous merriment while they dance for their lives amongst the creatures of the night.

About A Night at the Library

A Night at the Library is a mingle murder mystery event sponsored this year by the Hedberg Public Library Foundation.

Now in its 15th year, the after-hours fundraiser was originally a partnership between The Literacy Connection and the Friends of HPL. It has enjoyed many themes over the years and raised thousands of dollars to support the programs and services not covered by the library's operating budget.

We are thrilled to forge a new partnership with the HPL Foundation as we look to take the event to the next level in order to increase advocacy and support for library resources.