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Music & Movement: YES PLEASE!

Welcome to 2024!

We are up and running with our regularly scheduled programs PLUS some of our winter favorites are returning (drumroll please!)

One program that we look forward to all year is Music & Movement. Waaay back in 2015, we imagined a slightly different type of storytime. A storytime that took all of those fun action rhymes, interactive books, silly songs, and group games (like the parachute & stretchy bands) and wrapped them into ONE AWESOME STORYTIME! This vision became Music & Movement, and we LOVE IT SO MUCH.

Here are some ProTips if you plan to attend Music & Movement:

  • Wear comfortable clothing that isn’t too warm (we know it’s cold outside, but the Program Room tends to be much warmer when 30+ kids and their adults are dancing around being silly)
  • Everyone joins in – yes – that means grown-ups too! Music and Movement isn’t a spectator sport. Plan to have as much fun (if not more) than the child you are with. Honestly, some of our favorite moments are when grown-ups remember how much fun it is to hop, jump, and skip around the room! Everyone is encouraged to move at their own speed.
  • It can be a bit of a *sensory feast* - so those sensitive to lively music/lots of movement may consider wearing ear plugs and stepping out as needed. We always encourage families to follow their child’s lead – so if one song is too active, it's absolutely fine to take a break and return when you’re ready.
  • We do not sit down much during this storytime. And even when we sit, if we’re being completely honest, we will probably stand up and down multiple times. Come ready to play! (Don’t forget your step tracker!)
  • We do our best to bring the action level down at the end of the program so your kiddo will be ready to drift off to dreamland. Well, we promise that the adults will be ready anyway …

We know that our friends keep returning because Music & Movement is fun, but there are other very important reasons why we love it too.

Music play is early literacy (READ, WRITE, TALK, PLAY and SING). Music combined with movement is practically a magical combination not only for young children – but for everyone. When we learn something while singing, dancing, having fun – we are more likely to remember it for a very long time. Music can unlock memories we thought we had lost, and for kids just learning about the world? Music & Movement teaches language, empathy, coordination, math, self-regulation, critical thinking skills, coordination, fine & gross motor … well, you can see why we love this program. It's another great way to Grow Readers at Hedberg Public Library. We hope you’ll join us. No registration required, just come and play!





Balloon bouncing in Music & Movement 2020


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