Back by PEEPular Demand: Peeps-o-Rama

Calling all of our creative peeps! It’s your chance to create a diorama featuring Peeps™ Mallows and win a highly sought-after Peeple’s Choice Award.

This is a fun competition for all ages – adults, teens, children AND mixed-age groups are encouraged to dream up a scene that can be recreated using at least ONE of any type of Peeps™ Mallows.

We have seen some incredible entries over the years from Where the Wild PEEPS Are to Blains Farm & PEEP, 80 PEEPS Around the World, and even the Hedberg PEEPlic Library! If you can envision it with PEEPS™ - then it’s perfect!

The rules are simple:

1) Use at least ONE Peeps™ Mallow of any variety

2) Keep your diorama to the size of a standard shoe/boot box (adult sized boxes are fine)

3) The title of your diorama should be visible

4) Drop your entry off at the library in between Wednesday, March 20th at 9 AM and Saturday, March 23rd at 10 AM (voting begins at 10 AM)

This competition is for everyone – whether you enter a diorama or just enjoy voting for your favorites on the 23rd. Dioramas can be created by groups or individuals.

The diorama in each category that receives the most votes will win a Peeps Trophy and be displayed in the library the following week.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Can I vote by phone or email? Sorry! All voting must take place in person between 10 AM and 3 PM on Saturday, March 23rd. One vote in each category per peep.

2) If an adult helps a child create a diorama, which category should we enter? Mixed-age is PERFECT for adult/kid partners!

3) Can adults participate*? YES! Please do! We had a fierce competition last year!

*But I don’t want to compete against the kids. Not a problem – your entry will go into the Adult Diorama Category.

4) Do I get to keep my diorama? YES! Just please come and claim it the following week. Dioramas left for over a week will be eaten.

5) Do you have any ideas? YES check out our inspiration board: HPL Peeps-o-Rama 2024 Ideas

More questions? Call 608-758-6585 or check out our Event Page

Peep'er Movin' 2023 entry