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Other Equipment and Assistive Technology

Other Equipment

  • IBM electric typewriter
  • Money changer
  • Microform reader/printers
  • CD, DVD, MP3, audiocassette players
  • Tote baskets and handbasket carts
  • Strollers, wheelchair, motorized scooter
  • 3D Printer 

Assistive Technology

Print Resources
To help people with visual impairments to enjoy reading materials, or do research, the library offers several resources:
  • Large Type Books - The library has a collection of Large Type books which includes fiction books broken into the following genres: general fiction, romance, western, science fiction and mystery.
  • Braille Collection - The Children's Department has a collection of books in Braille.
  • Magnifying Devices - The library owns several magnification devices to help enlarge the print found in books, magazines, newspapers and other materials. Ask at the Information Desk for assistance with these devices.
  • Aladdin Sunshine Magnifying Device - Located near the atrium, this closed circuit television (Aladdin Sunshine machine) allows magnified viewing of items such as photos, books, magazines, greeting cards and three-dimensional items such as prescription bottles.
  • Simon Reader - Located near the atrium, the Simon Reader scans flat text that is not available on computer, such as a book, letter or utility bill and reads it aloud to the user. Headphones must be used, which are available to borrow from the Information Desk.

Video Resources

  • Described Videos - These are regular feature films that have an additional voice over track that describes the action in each scene. These are a great way to join in a movie night with friends or family.

Computer Resources

  • Large Type Monitors - Computers in the Information Services Department are available that offer larger screens with larger type.
  • VisiKey Keyboard - The Visikey Keyboard is easier to see because it uses lettering almost four times larger than a conventional keyboard. The high contrast of white on black lettering is also much easier to distinguish at a glance, reducing eye strain. The Visikey Keyboards are available at the Information Desk for use in the library.
  • TrackBall Computer Mouse - A TrackBall mouse is an upside down ergonomic mouse in which the user rotates the ball rather than the body of the mouse. The fingers are used to move the cursor around as opposed to using the wrist. The TrackBall mouse is available at the Information Desk for use in the library.
  • WindowEyes - WindowEyes software allows patrons to use headphones to listen as Web site content is read aloud. Six library computers offer WindowEyes software. These computers are located in the Information Services Department, the Woodruff Training Room, the Children's Department and the Teen Central area.


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