Pay for copies and printouts

The barcode on your Hedberg Public Library card is your access to your online SAM account. You may put money into this account at Checkout or the Information Desk. Money in your account can be used to automatically pay for printouts from computers or microform readers and for photocopies. Some photocopiers also accept change.

Printing is available from most computer stations. Photocopiers are also available.

  • Black and white: 25 per page (letter-size), 50 per page (tabloid-size)
  • Color: 50 per page (letter-size), $1.00 per page (tabloid-size)

A dollar bill changer is located by the photocopiers. Checkout staff can sometimes give change for larger bills.

NEW: Wireless Printing
You can now print from your wireless device using the SmartALEC app.
Click below for details.

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