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Accidents (Janesville) Head-on collision on Highway 51 kills one, seriously injures another: witnesses say car veered into oncoming traffic 16 Jun 2005, 1B
Accidents (Janesville) Police: driver still in hospital: investigation continues in Thursday's fatal crash (accident occurred at 8 a.m. on N. Parker Dr. (Hwy. 51) north of Black Bridge Rd.)(Jeremy E. Harnack) (Richard E. Schmitz) 17 Jun 2005, 1B
Accidents (Janesville) Torrent turns tragic: Janesville youth in critical condition after nearly drowning in drainage ditch (Mitchell C. Eddy) 06 Aug 1998, 1A
Accidents (Janesville) Janesville boy pulled from culvert: heavy rain brings flash floods MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL, 06 Aug 1998, p.1
Accidents (Janesville) Rollover on Ruger ends spree (photo) Janesville firefighters carry a woman from the scene of a rollover accident in the 3800 block of Ruger Ave. 04 Aug 2005, 1A
Accidents (Janesville) Accident snarls traffic: no one injured when tank falls from truck (photo) ...No one was injured but the tank struck a car driven by David J. Dopp of Janesville after it fell off the truck. 28 Sep 2005, 3A
Accidents (Janesville) 'I would have died for sure': friends' quick thinking helps Craig student after crash (photo) Jake Garvin lucked out when he had a serious auto accident earlier this fall. Luke Reinke and Dylan Glindinning, friends of Gavin's, happened on the accident and called 911. (photo) Jake Garvin was severely injured when his car slammed into a guardrail on Mt. Zion Ave. under the Interstate 90/39 overpass on Oct. 11. 03 Nov 2005, 1B
Accidents (Janesville) Three killed in crash west of city: accident time unknown; car found this morning (Topp Rd. in Center Township) 29 Dec 2005, 1B
Accidents (Janesville) 'This one was terrible': victims of fatal Topp Rd. crash appear to be Janesville teenagers (map) (photo) Investigators sort through the scene of a triple-fatal accident on Topp Rd... The 1996 Ford Taurus was traveling east... (Jeffrey P. Vultaggio) (Arious T. Below) 30 Dec 2005, 1A
Accidents (Janesville) 'It could happen to anyone': teens, parents reflect on accident (Jeffrey P. Vultaggio) (Arious T. Below) (Brianna Clark) 31 Dec 2005, 1A
Accidents (Janesville) Rock County officials facing a difficult situation with crash: coroner releases names, but positive IDs not yet confirmed (Jeffrey P. Vultaggio) (Arious T. Below) (Brianna Clark) 31 Dec 2005, 5A
Accidents (Janesville) Coroner says deaths came quickly: positive ID might require DNA analysis (Jeffrey P. Vultaggio) (Arious T. Below) (Brianna R. Clark) 02 Jan 2006, 3A
Accidents (Janesville) Woman dies in crash near Bellrichard Bridge (photo) (Louise M. Saunders, Linda M. Buroker) 10 May 2006, 1A
Accidents (Janesville) Woman helps 15-year-old hit by car: passer-by kept the boy conscious after accident (Kevin Johnson) (Jennifer Simmons)(Stacey Mengelt) 23 May 2006, 1B
Accidents (Janesville) Edgerton teen arrested after Friday car crash (Christa K. Lehman) (Antwain M. Crawford) (Tiffany L. Chesebro)(property of Stephen and Maria Manthei) 24 Jun 2006, 1B
Accidents (Janesville) Three injured in early morning car crash: car hits tree on River Rd. (photo) (property of Stephen and Maria Manthei) 23 Jun 2006, 1A
Accidents (Janesville) Woman killed in motorcycle accident: victim's daughter treated, released with minor injuries (Kristina M. Jackson) (Chastidy Klingman) 04 Aug 2006, 1B
Accidents (Janesville) Family told helmet wouldn't save woman: Aunt: doctors said injury was too severe (Kristina M. Jackson) (Chastidy Klingman) 05 Aug 2006, 2B
Accidents (Janesville) Jogger upgraded to fair condition (Scott R. Olsen) 27 Nov 2006, 2B
Accidents (Janesville) Pickup strikes jogger (Scott R. Olsen) (driver Justin M. Chapin) 24 Nov 2006, 1A
Accidents (Janesville) Recovery slow for local jogger (Scott Olsen) 14 Dec 2006, 3B
Accidents (Janesville) Walker warning: pedestrians urged to be careful (photo of Edna Thorp)(includes Safety Tips) 11 Jan 2007, 1A
Accidents (Janesville) Coming home: jogger lost part of leg in accident (photo of Scott Olsen) 19 Jan 2007, 1B
Accidents (Janesville) Janesville boy, 8, drowns in River, near Upper Dam (Clayton Palmer) 22 Jun 1928, front page
Accidents (Janesville) Back on his feet: Scott Olsen will soon be running again (photo of Olsen and physical therapist Gary Olson) 17 Jun 2007, 1A

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