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Businesses (Janesville) New owners buy Mid-West Camera (Larry Nitz and Woody Schoenfeld took over the ownership of Mid-West Camera, 461 Randall Ave., Monday from Mrs. Joseph Jaeger who had owned the business for 42 years) 06 Jan 1971
Businesses (Janesville) Ad: Midwest Camera's new VIPs (photo of owners Larry Nitz and Woody Schoenfeld as well as Gary Breeze) 07 Jan 1971, p. 5
Janesville Mall Two new mall stores (Gifts, Etc. and Flowerama) 15 Oct 1975
Businesses (Janesville) Demonstrates mower (photo of Robert Bramley Jr. deomonstrating the Omega Quin-Plex powermower at the Janesville Country Club. Its manufacturing company, Milbradt Manufacturing of Janesville, originally a St. Louis firm, moved to Grafton, WI in 1965 and to Janesville in 1967. Ray Christopherson of Janesville is the general manager.) 17 Jul 1968
Businesses (Janesville) Lawnmower firm to begin production here (Milbradt Manufacturing has set a tentate date of May 1 to start production of institutional moving equiptment here at the 210 N. Arch St. factory) 27 Mar 1968, p. 7
Businesses (Janesville) Rockford Dairy represented here (two local men - Russell Dopkins and Robert DeLacy -- have become the distributors for Muller Pinehurst Dairy Products of Rockford, IL and currently list about 300 customers on their milk route) 14 Oct 1969
Businesses (Janesville) Mayflower opens computer system (Mulrooney-Mayflower Moving and Storage Co., 23 N. High Street wil install a computer-controlled operation) 12 May 1967
Businesses (Janesville) Mrs. Janisch is woman with rare business talent (photo of Mrs. Muril Janisch who runs Muril's, Inc., a clothing firm specializing in apparel for men and women at 105-107 W. Milwaukee St.) 20 Feb 1973, p. 11
Businesses (Janesville) McCue and Buss closing (the drug store at 12 S. Main will close on August 28. The store, originally opened in 1845, was purchased by F. E. Buss and W. F. McCue in 1900 and still bears their name. Martin Kennedy Sr. joined the firm in 1913, left to open another pharmacy, and returned to buy McCue and Buss. His son, Martin Kennedy, Jr. joined him in 1951 and took over after his father's 1952 death) 13 Aug 1976
Businesses (Janesville) Renewal project started: photo of Lamb's men's clothing store, 300 W. Milwaukee St., at the beginning of its exterior renovation as part of a downtown renewal project fostered by Greater Janesville Corp. (Photo of Meyer "Mike" Lamb, store owner; Douglas Caldwell, and Harold Sime removing the store's sign) 27 Apr 1973
Businesses (Janesville) Lions Oil plans relocation (Lions Oil also known as Unigas of Janesville wants to move its Center Ave. operation to a new location near Polzin Rd. and Highway 14. A public hearing will be held) 20 Apr 1978
Businesses (Janesville) Relocation and expansion: Janet Gerke and Vicki Schmidt have expanted the Kiddie Kloset Fabric Shop and have moved to a new location at 1821 Milton Ave. 18 Aug 1977
Businesses (Janesville) Full-page ad for McKy Ellis real estate company includes
photo of Jerry Morse; Janet Lyme; Joanie Burrell; Cory Gates; Jean Moll; Nancy Clark; Patricia Leeder; Nancy Bliss
02 Nov 1978, p. 44
Businesses (Janesville) Marling Lumber celebrates 75th (founded in 1904 by Walter A. Marling in Madison; the Janesville branch, located at 634 S. River, was added in February 1926. The current manager of the local office, John E. Marling, is a grandson of the founder. A fire struck the Janesville yard on 15 Sep 1971, causing extensive damage.) 26 Jan 1979
Restaurants (Janesville) Janesville's first Pizza Pit opens on [1019] Kellog Ave. 09 Oct 1992
Taverns New Leaf's owners evicted (the bar was on Highway 51 South; the operators were behind in payment of rent) 16 Dec 1992
Businesses (Janesville) Local company to design plants for baby formula (Omega Co. of Janesville; photo of Omega president Arthur Blanding) 23 Nov 1992, 1C
Businesses (Janesville) Wanted: teddy bears (K. A. Piehl Fine Photography, 1135 Milton Ave., is sponsoring Bear Hug Days for a couple of weeks in order to provide bears to comfort people during crises) 31 Jul 1992, 3B
Restaurants (Janesville) Where's the beef? Plenty of it at the Prime Quarter (1900 Old Humes Rd.) 14 Jul 1992, 2C
Businesses (Janesville) New retailer is serious about comics (photo of Ted Alecos with his collection of comic books at Powerhouse Comics, 219 W. Milwaukee) 09 Mar 1992
Businesses (Janesville) NLRB Picway decisions going to U.S. Appeals Court (The company that owns Picway Shoes in Beloit and Janesville violated labor laws in spring 1990, the National Labor Relations Board has ruled) 06 Dec 1991
Businesses (Janesville) Paint supplier eyes second store (Nelson Auto Paint Supply of Madison may build a second store in Janesville if its permit is approved by the plan commission. It plans to locate in Kennedy Business Park, 1715 Newport, according to company owner Gary Nelson) 02 Jul 1991
Businesses (Janesville) Newco [Engineering] lays off 115 workers (the company makes playground equipment; the layoff is part of its normal seasonal employment pattern; the company is located at 1317 Barbery and was founded in 1979 by Tom Baer) 05 Aug 1991
Businesses (Janesville) Packing service's ship has come in (Pack-N-Mail, 2811 Milton, packs and mails merchandise via the postal service and private carriers) (photo of firm's operator, Jim Fulkrod) 17 Jun 1991
Businesses (Janesville) [Dave] Ormson (photo) opens realty brokerage (OK Realty, 151 Clover La.) 22 Apr 1991

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