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Elections (Rock County) Six Rock County supervisors won't run (Stephen Eager, William Agnew, Brad Adee, Charles Elliott, Wayne Moody, Neil Deupree) 18 Dec 2007, 10A
Evansville (WI) Officer leaves Evansville police: Grooms was involved in Milton bar scuffle (Jason Grooms) 18 Dec 2007, 1A
Feingold, Russell 'I think the time is right:' lawmakers seek end to racial profiling (photo) 14 Dec 2007, 5A
Forward Janesville Walking their way toward wellness: Forward Janesville staff explore downtown, get fit (photo of Ruth Armstrong, Laurie Huml Eckert, Kelley Horrell, Dan Wilcox)('Friday Walks Downtown') 15 Dec 2007, 4A
General Motors Corp. (Officials) Former GM manager in Janesville will take top spot at Fort Wayne plant (photo of Mike Glinski) 14 Dec 2007, 10A
General Motors Corp. (Productivity) GM slows production: soft market projected for SUVs; jobs could be cut in Janesville (photo of workers and of shop chairman John Dohner Jr.) 19 Dec 2007, 1A
General Motors Corp. (Workers) Is Dean's loss Mercy's gain? New GM-UAW contract switches HMO coverage 14 Dec 2007, 1A
General Motors Corp. (Workers) Assembling good will: employees from GM donate groceries to 340 area families (photo of Joel Appel, Janice Hodges, Terry Sebero, Fred Noreik, Margie Noreik, Joan Singstock)(includes By the Numbers) 16 Dec 2007, 1A
Hendricks, Kenneth ABC Supply launches supply center expansion 18 Dec 2007, 11A
Homeless Persons Churches to open shelter: cooperative effort aimed at single men (GIFTS task force) 17 Dec 2007, 1A
Housing (Janesville) Janesville studies licensing landlords 13 Dec 2007, 10A
Janesville Gazette Policies, procedures help Gazette cover crime (editorial) 16 Dec 2007, 10A
Janesville (WI) - People 'If I live to be 130, I'll still be on the hill:' antique sled conjures up memories of childhood (photo of Jerry Cox on his antique Sky Plane sled at Ardon Park hill) 15 Dec 2007, 5a
Janesville Performing Arts Center Planner OK JPAC sign: only one resident opposes sign proposal (photo) 18 Dec 2007, 3A
Janesville Police Department Shootings prompt focus on safety: Janesville police will step up patrols 14 Dec 2007, 10A
Mercy Hospital On-time delivery: more births being scheduled (photo of Julie and Hannah Lebakken) 18 Dec 2007, 1A
Milton (WI) - Businesses Cash crop: ethanol plant boosts economy (photo of Gary Mecklenburg of James Churchill and Sons Trucking)(United Ethanol) 16 Dec 2007, 1A
Milton (WI) - Businesses Will ethanol go the way of biodiesel in Rock County? (United Ethanol) 16 Dec 2007, 1A
Milton (WI) - Government Take two: commission will meet again to pick top cop: city wasn't notified of interim choice (Milton Police Commission) 15 Dec 2007, 1A
Milton (WI) - Government Milton taps former chief as interim boss (former Chief Terry Hawkins)(retirement of Chief Tom Gilland) 20 Dec 2007, 10A
Parker, George S., Senior High School It's a woman's weld: Parker senior excels in welding program at BTC (photo of Danni Pakes) 15 Dec 2007, 7A
Parker, George S., Senior High School Student rips Bible, gets boot at Parker: lawyer: act alone not enough for discipline 20 Dec 2007, 1A
Parker, George S., Senior High School Online group discusses incident at Parker (ripped Bible)(includes Attorney's Opinion)(Atty. David Moore) 20 Dec 2007, 12A
Parks (Janesville) Council should back upgrade of Rockport Pool (editorial) 12 Dec 2007, 10A
Parks (Janesville) Dive into pool debate: aquatic facilities get public hearing (includes What They Said: photo of Amy Loasching, Bill Truman, Russ Steber, Craig DeGarmo, George Brunner) 13 Dec 2007, 1A

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