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Veterans Description of the World War I monument (the Doughboy)in the Corn Exchange in Janesville. A GUIDE TO MONUMENTS AND HISTORICAL MARKERS IN JANESVILLE, compiled by Dale R. Dopkins (917.7587 D722), pp. 3-4.
Veterans Description of the World War II monument to those members of the 192nd Tank Battalion who served in Bataan. The monument is at the Corn Exchange. Map included. A GUIDE TO MONUMENTS AND HISTORICAL MARKERS IN JANESVILLE, compiled by Dale R. Dopkins (977.587 DOPKI ), pp. 5-6
Veterans Brief history of the Civil War Monument located in Courthouse Park. A GUIDE TO MONUMENTS AND HISTORICAL MARKERS IN JANESVILLE, compiled by Dale R. Dopkins (917.7587 D722), pp. 9-11
Veterans A wedding in a week: soldier and fiancee squeeze in 'I do's' before his Army Reserve unit is deployed (photo) Court Commissioner Steve Meyer presides as Kelly Searles and Justin Goldstein exchange rings during their wedding ceremony at Huntington Place... (1158th Transportation Company) 27 Nov 2004, 1A
Veterans Kids' talents helping to boost the troops (Support Our Troops Talent Show) (Kennedy Elementary School) 26 Jan 2005, 1B
Veterans 'What am I doing here?' Janesville National Guardsman battled conditions and terrorists in Iraq (photo) Sgt. Wade Hallett and his 'little buddy' Omar. The 32nd Military Police Company adopted a Baghdad orphange for disabled children... The Janesville National Guardsman spent 16 months in Iraq... 17 Nov 2004, 1A
Veterans Home for the holidays: festive holiday spirit difficult to find for family with two sons serving in Iraq (photo) The Biele family, Nick, Gina, Curt, Tim and Theresa, will be unable to pose for a family portrait this holiday season. Nick Biele and Curt Biele are serving in Iraq. 24 Nov 2004, 1A
Veterans Soldier will be home for holiday (Gregg A. Arneson) 24 Nov 2004, 10A
Veterans 'I always had this call to serve': U.S. Rep. Ryan's chief of staff set for tour of duty overseas (Andrew Speth) (Paul Ryan) 01 Apr 2005, 1B
Veterans Memorial walkway efforts continue: project organizers plan for Veterans Day dedication (Medal of Honor Walkway) (Janesville Patriotic Society) 20 Mar 2005, 1B
Veterans 'The center of our family is now gone': Henry E. Dopkins remembered by children as a devoted husband (photo) Henry Dopkins worked as a barber for many years to support his family. (photo) Henry Dopkins' eight boys are shown in Janesville in 1949 - David, Dennis, Douglas, James, Dale, Terry, Russell, Phillip 15 Feb 2005, 1B
Veterans April events to benefit veterans, families: JPAC, The Speakeasy to be host for two shows (photo) Tim Roan, whose stage name is Jesse Aron, will perform at April 22-23 fundraisers for families of U.S. military personnel killed or injured in the line of duty. 16 Mar 2005, 1B
Veterans Tackling tough decisions: funds to be issued on case-by-case basis (Jesse Aron)(Janesville Patriotic Society) (Janesville Performing Arts Center) 18 Mar 2005, 1B
Veterans 'Wonderful': 60 years later, Janesville veteran receives long-overdue medals (photo) Charles W. Behm, 83, laughs with friends and family after being awarded a Bronze Star and a Prisoner of War Medal at his home in Janesville... Rep. Paul Ryan was on hand to pin the medals on Behm, who spent six months in a German prisoner of war camp in 1945 before being liberated by the Russian army. 26 Mar 2005, 3A
Veterans Portraits honor soldiers: exhibit includes local man (photo) A portrait of Sean Schneider is a part of Faces of the Fallen memorial at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. (Linda Abadjian) 04 Apr 2005, 3A
Veterans Janesville Craig High School freshmen Chaz Podawitz and Aaron Curtis speak with U.S. Army recruiters Spc. Tasha Voigt and Staff Sgt. Andrew Brott at Craig... 10 Apr 2005, 1A
Veterans Soldier hits the dirt in Iraq: Parker graduate back home after serving year in Baghdad (photo) Rodrick Sampson stands guard in a tower at Camp Victoria North at the Baghdad Airport in Iraq. Sampson recently returned home after a tour of duty. 17 Apr 2005, 3A
Veterans Just happy to be back home: brothers' safe return from Iraq is huge relief for Milton family (Josiah Koniecki) (Matthew Koniecki) 24 Apr 2005, 1B
Veterans From school to service: Parker grads sign up together, but serve around the globe (Derrick Farris) (Joel Galvan) (Brandon Danielson) 02 May 2005, 1A
Veterans Tank driver sees share of combat (Derrick Farris) 02 May 2005, 7A
Veterans Janesville class of '45 recalls the day Japan surrendered 13 Aug 1995, 1A
Veterans Army officers to retrain: local recruiters join nationwide suspension (suspension for 7,500 recruiters nationwide follows numerous reports of recruiting abuses and misconduct) 15 May 2005, 1B
Veterans Walkway cause demonstrates need to reflect (Medal of Honor Walkway) (editorial) 29 May 2005, 4B
Veterans Local veteran recalls his time aboard 'Angel of the Sea': U.S. rescue ship searched for downed pilots during war (photo) Veteran Ken Kingsley displays medals earned during his service in World War II. Kingsley served on the USS Bering Strait, a seaplane tender assigned to the South Pacific. He also was an officer with the Janesville Police Department. 29 May 2005, 1A
Veterans Mobilization order means uncertain future for area soldiers: National Guard units remain on alert in state 07 Jun 2005, 1B

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