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Banks and Banking All Wisconsin banks close for a statewide "holiday" to prevent runs on the banks by frantic depositors anxious to withdraw their money. 03 Mar 1933, CENTURY OF STORIES (977.587 DUPRE), 65
Banks and Banking Follwing the bank "holiday," Janesville banks reopen to accept deposits and make change. 07 Mar 1933, CENTURY OF STORIES (977.587 DUPRE), 65
Banks and Banking Bower City Bank goes out of business. Nov 1943, CENTURY OF STORIES (977.587 DUPRE), 94
Banks and banking The First National Bank installs the first automatic teller machine in the Janesville area. It's called a "Mr. Munny Machine." Sometime in 1973, CENTURY OF STORIES (977.587 DUPRE), 177
Banks and banking Pre 1896-photo of interior of the First National Bank. Headlight Journal (JR REF 977.587 H344), p. 20.
Banks and banking President: the right way is the only way: Larry Squire's principles guide his direction in community service (photo of Larry Squire at Johnson Bank)(50 Who Matter) 24 Jan 2007, 3E
Barns (Rock County)
Barns (Rock County) "Barns: a symbol of farm life in Rock County" by Jane Rosten from On the Rock Magazine, Summer 1996 published by Wild Wings Productions, Linda Bricco Schalk, publisher pamphlet
Baseball Twenty "ladies afflicted with baseball fever" drive into the country to play their own game. 12 Jul 1906; CENTURY OF STORIES (977.587 DUPRE), 11
Baseball The Janesville Cubs, a baseball team in the Wisconsin State League, played between 1941 and 1953. The league home opener, scheduled for Thursday, May 15, 1941, was re-scheduled for Monday, May 19, 1941, at 8:15 pm, at the Rock County 4-H Fairgrounds which is located within the Janesville city limits. The fairgrounds had a baseball diamond at that time. (An 1960s aerial photo of the fairgrounds--including the baseball diamond--can be found in HISTORY OF ROCK COUNTY 4-H FAIR [JR 630.6 GLASS].) The game was re-scheduled due to rain-soaked fields and they played the La Crosse Blackhawks, described in the JANESVILLE GAZETTE as"the defending champions." The last home game of the 1953 season for the Janesville Cubs was played at the fairgrounds on Thursday, September 3, 1953. 16 May 1941; HISTORY OF ROCK COUNTY 4-H FAIR (JR 630.6 GLASS.)
Baseball The EVANSVILLE CITIZEN, reporting on an 1867 statewide baseball tournament, listed three baseball teams from Janesville: the Bower City,the Western Star, and the Excelsior Jr. Teamsfrom other places in the region, including Evansville, Rockford, and Beloit, also participated. EVANSVILLE CITIZEN, 11 Sep 1867, p. 4.
Baseball He made sure life was a ball: sleep apnea claims life of passionate baseball man (photo) Joel and Cindy Bumgarner were married for less than a year before sleep apnea took Joel's life this past weekend. He was 37. (Joel Bumgarner) 28 Apr 2005, 1A
Baseball Last call for Miller: after 32 years in the dugout, legendary Janesville Youth Baseball coach calls it quits (photo) Claude Miller may have officially 'retired' from volunteer coaching, but that hasn't stopped him from keeping the book for the Craig junior varsity baseball team. 13 May 2005, 1D
Baseball. SEE ALSO Little League Baseball; Sports Undated (1868?) photo of 9 members of the Mutual Baseball Club in uniform. Gruver photos, vol. 9, p. 36c.
Bataan (Philippines) (SEE binder) Death march: survivors show same drive today 01 May 1988
Bataan (Philippines)(SEE binder) Guardsmen from Janesville became 'lost children' of WWII MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL, 22 Nov 1998, 6B
Bataan (Philippines) (SEE binder) The Bataan death march: those who survived cannot forget 09 Apr 1992, 1A
Bataan (Philippines) (SEE binder) War's sons: 'Janesville 99' story on TV 30 Nov 2001, 1B
Bataan (Philippines) (SEE binder) Videotape helps keep alive memories of the Janesville 99 03 Jun 2000, 1A
Bataan (Philippines) (SEE binder) Bataan video documentary to help combat international illness: sales proceeds will go to Kiwanis project 26 Oct 2000, 1B
Bataan (Philippines) Undated (1982?) photo of memorial to the living and dead who fought in Bataan. Gruver photos, vol. 9, p. 8b.
Bataan (Philippines) Undated photo of General Weaver unveiling memorial to the living and dead who fought at Bataan. Gruver photos, vol. 9, p. 9a.
Bataan (Philippines) Photo of General Wainwright emerging from a airplane at the city airport. The general was a prisoner at Bataan. (Mike DuPre of JANESVILLE GAZETTE believed in August 1999 that the photo was actually taken at the Milwaukee Airport, based on his interview with Phyllis Wallisch, wife of a veteran, both of whom were there.) Gruver photos, vol. 9, p. 9b;PICTORIAL HISTORY OF JANESVILLE, WISCONSIN (JR 977.587 PICTO), p. 101
Bataan (Philippines) Undated (post-World War II) photo of President Truman decorating General Wainwright. Gruver photos, vol. 9, p. 10a.
Bataan (Philippines) Undated photo (1940s?) of Lt. Henry Knox and Sgt. Forrest Knox in military uniforms. Gruver photos, vol. 9, p. 11e.

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