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1 Businesses (Janesville) Zoning board will consider appeal: attorney says group has right to appeal Wal-Mart decision 12 Jan 2005, 1A
2 Milton (WI) - Government Zoning change revives quarry plan: neighborhood group renews its opposition (N. Klug Rd.)(Scott Traynor, BR Amon & Sons) 11 Apr 2012, 3A
3 Businesses (Janesville) Zoning changes make a difference: city officials were wise three years ago to amend the zoning laws and give the city more control over developments such as Wal-Mart. (editorial) 04 Sep 2004, 6A
4 Salvation Army (Janesville) Zoning could hold up Salvation Army's plans 15 Nov 2001, 8A
5 Mercy Hospital Zoning restrictions around Mercy [Hospital] beaten 03 Feb 1972
6 Women Zonta Club seeks new members 01 Sep 2016, 3A
7 Women Zonta of Janesville seeks applicants for young women awards (2017 Young Women in Public Affairs Award) 21 Feb 2017, 8A
8 Rock County Historical Society Zooming in a Zimmer (photo) A 2000 Zimmer, once owned by basketball star Shaquille O'Neal and now owned by Crandall Bliss of Edgerton will be on display at the Lincoln-Tallman part of the Rock County Historical Society's fourth annual Father's Day Car Show... 18 Jun 2005, 2B
9 Beloit (WI) Zucker is honorary chair for 2013 BIF (Beloit International Film Festival) 20 Dec 2012, 4A
10 Milton (WI) Zumba zooms: based on Latin dance, aerobic workout Zumba is 'all the rage' in Milton (photo of instructors Jenn Coppernoll, Heidi McLain) 18 Jul 2009, 1A

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