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1 Businesses (Janesville)
2 Businesses (Janesville) History of retail businesses in Janesville. Mentioned are Henry Janes's services; Thomas Lappin;
3 Highway 26
4 Hospice (Janesville) Every Day's a Gift: 2002 Annual Report, HospiceCare Inc.
5 Janesville (Growth) SEE ALSO Center City Development Plan and Program
6 Janesville Carriage Works
7 Janesville History Calumet, Frankie: photo of, 93;Camp Grant (Rockford, Illinois), 39;Card-playing, 9;Carlson family, 24;Case Feed Store, 15;Catholics, 13-20, 158-159;Center Ave, 49, 71-72, 97, 102, 125; on map, 2. SEE ALSO Center Ave. Bridge;Center Ave. Bridge, 3-5; photo of, 4;Chatham St. (S.), 135;Cheese factories, 103, 104, 106;Chicago and North Western Railroad, 46-51;Chicago and North Western Railroad Stockyard, 47;Chicago Cubs baseball team, 117;Chickens, 7, 107-108, 109, 110;Child labor, 160;Chris (uncle), 10, 108, 111, 112;Christmas, 84, 113,116-118, 120;Circuses: arrival of, by train in Janesville, 49-50; neighborhood, 52-56; parades of, 49;City Hall (Janesville), 161;Clarence (blind student), 127-130;Clarence Bridge (over Sugar River), 104;Clothes washing, 110;Coal, 126, 132;Cochran, Scottie: photo of, 94;Cook, Marjorie, 135;Courtney family, 28, 99;Cows, 108; author’s, 7, 50, 74, 91. SEE ALSO Bulls;“Crazy Daisy,” 76-80;Croft, Al, 89; photo of, 90;Cronin Dairy Company, 136;“The Curfew Must Not Ring Tonight” (poem), 141;Curler, Esther, 140-141, 144;Curler, Mrs. (door-to-door saleswoman), 140-141, 144;
9 Mercy Hospital Mercy Hospital machine rates U.S. publicity (new type of X-ray scanner) ?
10 Mercy Hospital Mercy will discontinue nurse school (with graduation of class of 1972) ?

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